2019 Community Survey Results

Published on Tuesday, 28 May 2019 at 8:11:16 AM

All residents and ratepayers over the age of 18 in the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley were encouraged to have their say in the second biennial community survey. 

The 2019 Community Survey was conducted by independent research consultant Catalyse who treated all responses confidentially. 

“The survey was an opportunity for our community to have a say on how the Shire is performing, identify priority areas and generally provide feedback on the organisation” Shire President David Menzel said. 

Participation in the survey was good with around 20% of households participating in the survey. The survey saw a good cross-section of the population aged 18 years or older participating with 15% identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

 Overall the 2019 Community Scorecard Survey has seen healthy improvements in a number of performance areas with many of the larger improvements relating to leadership and organisational governance. Since the last study, the Shire has improved in 35 performance measures. 

The Shire’s highest performing areas are library and information services, airport facilities and services, boat ramps, festivals, events and cultural activities. 

“The Community Survey will help Council to keep in touch with the current wishes of local residents, determine priorities and make the best decisions possible on behalf of the community in line with our Strategic Community Plan” Shire President David Menzel said.

 The 2019 results highlighted five high priority areas: 

  1. Safety and security, focusing primarily on anti-social behaviour, particularly around main commercial areas.
  2. Services and facilities for youth to help alleviate concerns with boredom and antisocial behaviour.
  3. Economic development, including attracting investment, supporting local business, improving airport services, growing tourism and improving the overall appearance of Kununurra and Wyndham town centres.
  4. Improved infrastructure including fixing damaged road surfaces, better drainage, improved lighting and street-scapes, and more footpaths, cycleways and trails for better connectivity.
  5. Value for money from Shire rates. Ratepayers request rate reductions or limits to rate increases. 

“We have made some good progress in the last two years, but we have to keep improving and responding to the issues and concerns of the community, especially around anti-social behaviour and street present children” Shire President David Menzel said.

The community survey results will also be considered by the Shire as part of the development and review of its 2019/20 Corporate Business Plan during May and June.

 “The Shire has already included some actions in the draft Corporate Business Plan that will help to address these concerns including town centre CCTV, youth programs and youth spaces, investment in footpaths, tree planting and developing the East Kimberley Airport to support cheaper flights and increased economic development” Shire President David Menzel said. 

The 2019 Community Survey results can be viewed on the Shire’s web site here.


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